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  • Sometimes we need to be reminded. Sometimes it’s hard to believe it. Sometimes we feel like we’ve never heard a bigger lie.

    There are times when we feel like we’re all alone in this world, that nobody understands and nobody cares. That we don’t matter and our actions are pointless. That it wouldn’t make a difference if we disappeared. That no one would miss us or even notice if we were gone.

    It’s so easy to believe we’re unwanted, unimportant, unloved. It’s easy to let those thoughts get to you, to let the darkness cloud your mind and control your brain.

    We get so blinded by the darkness that we don’t realize what’s right in front our eyes.

    People who care. People who lie awake at night worrying about us. People who reach out to help us but go unnoticed because of our inner demons. People who cry because they feel powerless to help us. People who notice everything we do. People who appreciate the time we spend together. People who want us around, talk for hours or just sit in comfortable silence. People who need us. People who love us.

    It’s easy to miss those people in the fog surrounding us, easy to miss their words between the dark whispers of our demons, easy to flinch from their touches of comfort, fleeing from intimacy in fear of rejection.

    But if we let those people in, we can overcome the darkness, fight our demons. If we let those people in, we can see the truth. And the truth is that we are loved. That we are cared about. That there are people who understand. That we’re never alone. That is also why I’m saying “we”, because we are never as alone as we tend to think we are.

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  • Anonymous asked : Ich wünsche dir alles gute nachträglich zum Geburtstag. Ich bin so froh dass du damals nicht aufgegeben hast und jetzt noch am Leben bist. Bitte versuche immer weiter zu machen, egal wie schwer es ist

    das ist so lieb von dir, danke danke:’)

  • so I turned 16 yesterday… 

    I remember on my 15th birthday, I couldn’t even imagine I’d still be alive on christmas.

    so I guess this is a win…

    not of the whole war

    but just one battle in it….

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  • Anonymous asked : A relapse doesn't mean giving up completely, it's just a blip please don't hate yourself for it x

    easier said than done I guess,but thank you x

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  • 57 days clean… 

    ….and now I’ve fucked that up

    fucking great

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  • Anonymous asked : I wish I could help you feel better. I hope your day goes well. xx

    aww you’re lovely, thank you <3 hope you have a great day x